Other things on My mind

As I was searching my thoughts and my heart the other day to discern truths, I realized that the pursuit of Chief Petty Officer and or LDO may not be what God wants me to do. Both of these things require a great deal of effort and those efforts could be better invested in kingdom of God. Though neither one would be pursuing sin I know deep in my heart that all I want is to serve God and therefore serving His people. The option to become a Chief increases my earning and ability to influence others and, from what it seems, would allow me to bear down into the Bible studies which may lead to my Pastoral ministry,however, even that seems like I am reaching out for things that are man-made and self-centered dreams.

Oh Lord! Only You know what I was made to do. Please order my steps, that I would honor You in all that I do and steward the talents You have given me. 

Likewise with Advocare, it seems like a great solution to many of people’s problems, but truly a corrupt and sinful people are in need of a Savior King, Jesus Christ. My trust is that God will show me the right way to lead my life. Praise be to Him who saves and shows mercy to the weak. Amen!


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