Why Do i take supplements?

So the question has come to my mind, why do I need to take supplements? Well first off it has helped me trim my physique like nothing I have ever tried before. Secondly, my mental focus and cognitive skills have vastly improved from taking certain things liks Spark and Omega Plex. Lastly, the supplements offered through Advocare have enabled me to help others lose weight as well, which means there is substantial potential for a business. Hence, I became a distributor after I completed my first 24 Day challenge and lost 10 lbs and 2 pants sizes and have kept it off and keep gaining muscle tone. Not to mention I have had an awesome time doing this and every time I workout now I know that I am ACTUALLY getting closer to my fitness goals. I have also made a good deal of profit just sharing my success with the 24 day challenge and then helping other people get on it. The serious profit came once I reached Advisor. As this pertains to my walk with God, I think I may have put these Supps on a pedestal and therefore I am searching my soul to evaluate whether these life changing supplements are soul sucking as well.

Nothing should ever be exalted above God. I maintain that, while I have not put these supplements above God, I have placed too great a priority on these products. I think the correct thing for me to do is to periodically go a month Advocare free, not taking supplements or distributing products. This would simply allow me to deny myself and allow God to do His miraculous work with my life.

Everything we do ought to honor God and glorify Him who made us in some way, shape, or form. Now what I do is definitely different from what other independent distributors do with their profits. I have made a pact (a covenant) with God that I will give 80% to those in need. Again, this establishes a need for God to provide my provisions and enables me to earn an additional income and serving God at the same time.

In conclusion, I am lead to believe that, as long as I rely on God for my needs and happiness, using supplements to better my health and the business to better my finances while serving the Lord of Hosts I am being a good steward of both my body and earnings which have been entrusted to me. I will give this matter serious attention in my prayer closet and I will be ready to forsake all things in order that I serve the one true living God with all my heart and soul.


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