A heavy weight is on my heart

Today, as I was listening to music and jamming out in my minivan on the way to the store to get some wipes for my new little bundle of joy, I was overwhelmed with great sadness because I have not sought out God’s will for the blessings He has poured out on my life. I might not be rich or sooo wealthy that I can wipe my butt with money, but I have more than I need and more love than most people have or ever will experience. Moreover, I have salvation and the Truth about Jesus. That alone is staggering enough to bring me to my knees each and every morning. As I sat in my car I prayed to God that He would order my steps for what I need to do in order to fill the cup of others, so that I might continue to receive His blessing and truly be about my Father’s work (giving to others and spreading the Gospel). I have a clue now, or a new desire that came to mind, as to where to begin with ministering to the homeless. Another idea that dawned on me is  to bless others with the love of my children by visiting the elderly as well. After sobbing and getting it all off my chest the weight seemed to have come off and it was a weight I hadn’t even realized was there. God is amazing, to no surprise, and I am simply grateful to be a part of His divine plans for this earth while I have life left to give. Praise be to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen


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